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Notice: Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. Using this website indicates that you have acknowledged and accepted these terms. Please don’t use this website if you don’t accept these terms.

1. Use of Website

The contents of Trustel Hotels & Resorts website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) are only available for your personal but not commercial use. You should respect the statements of the copyright and other rights contained in the contents and reserve them in the duplicates. Not providing right statement of the website contents doesn’t indicate that the website has no right concerning the contents or doesn’t claim the rights. You should respect the legal rights and interests of such contents and legally use them on the basis of the principle of honesty and sincerity. You are not allowed to modify, copy, publically present, publicize or distribute such materials in any way or apply them for any public or commercial purpose in any other way. It is forbidden to apply these materials for any purpose in any other website, other print media or network & computer environment. The contents and editing of this website are protected by the laws, such as the Copyright Law. Any unauthorized use may constitute an infringement of its copyright, trademark and other legal rights. If you don’t accept or break the above-mentioned agreements, your authorization to use this website shall be automatically terminated and you should immediately destroy any downloaded or printed contents of this website.

2. Information Distribution

The information contained in this website shall be provided in its original form without any form of guarantee, including guarantee of marketability, suitability for specific purpose or no infringement of intellectual property rights. Besides, Trustel Hotels & Resorts doesn’t guarantee the absolute accuracy and absolute integrality of the information contained in this website. The contents as well as the products, prices and configurations introduced in these contents on the website of Trustel Hotels & Resorts are subject to the changes at any time without prior notice. The contents of this website might be out of date. Trustel Hotels & Resorts doesn’t promise to update them. The information distributed from this website might be concerning the products, programs or services that you cannot access from where you live. You may consult the local business contact person and agent of Trustel Hotels & Resorts.

3. About Customers’ Submission of Materials

Except personal identification information, any other material, information or contact information (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information”) you send or e-mail to this website shall be considered as unclassified and nonexclusive. Trustel Hotels & Resorts shall not bear any responsibility for such information. Meanwhile, unless otherwise stated, your submission shall be deemed to agree (or authorize): Trustel Hotels & Resorts and its authorized person to freely copy, expose, distribute, incorporate or use these information and all data, images, sounds, texts and other contents in any other way for commercial or non-commercial proposes. Your use of this website should not violate the laws, regulations and public morality and you are not allowed to send or mail any illegal, threatening, defamatory, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, or other possibly illegal material to or from this website. If the concerned party brings forward an evidenced warning or objection to the contents and impacts of such information, this website can delete such information at any time or infinitely terminate the online browse of such information without the prior consent of the submitter and post notice to the submitter. For serious case, this website can cancel such user.

4. Contents of User Communication

Trustel Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for monitoring or reviewing the information users send or mail via this website or the information in any field exchanged among users privately via this website, including but limited to the information distributed via chatting rooms, BBS or other user forums and any other communication content. Trustel Hotels & Resorts shall bear no responsibility for the contents of such communication, no matter if they will cause problems concerning slander, privacy, obscenity or other aspect. Trustel Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to delete the information and messages containing the contents that are considered as insulting, defamatory or obscene or other bad contents upon discovery.

5. Use of Software Downloaded From This Website

If you have downloaded any software from this website, you shall abide by all the license terms contained in the Software License Agreement of such software. You cannot download or install such software until you have read and accepted all the terms of the Software License Agreement.

6. Links to Third-Party Websites

The links to third-party websites in this website are only provided for you as a convenient service. Using such links will make you leave this website. Trustel Hotels & Resorts doesn’t review any third-party website and doesn’t control or be responsible for these websites and their contents. If you decide to visit any third-party website linked to this website, you shall be solely responsible for any possible consequence and risk.

7. Limitation of Liability

Trustel Hotels & Resorts and its suppliers or any third party mentioned in this website shall not be liable for any damage (including but not limited to the damages caused by the lost profits, lost data or interruption of operation), no matter whether such damage results from the use or out-of-service of this website or the information contained in any website linked to this website or any such website and no matter whether they have guarantee, contract, infringement act or any other legal evidence and prior advices of the possible occurrence of such damages. If you need to maintain, repair or correct your equipment or data because of your use of the information of this website, you should acknowledge that you shall be solely liable for all the expenses thereby incurred.

Trustel Hotels & Resorts shall bear no responsibility in case of the following conditions: the information transmission is initiated by the person other than the network service provider (Trustel Hotels & Resorts and its authorized person); the information transmitting, routing, link providing and storing are realized through necessary automatic technical processing while the information is not selected by the network service provider; except making automatic response to others’ requests, the network service provider doesn’t choose the provider and receiver of such information; the copies formed by the information intermediately or temporarily stored by the system or network of the network service provider, under normal conditions, are not obtained by the person other than the predetermined receiver and the reservation time is not longer than the reasonable time of information transmitting, routing or connecting necessary for receiver to receive the information; the contents of information transmitted via the system or network remain unchanged.

8. General Principles

Trustel Hotels & Resorts may modify these terms at any time. You should acquaint yourself with such terms by frequently visiting this webpage, because such terms are directly bound up with you. Certain articles of such terms might be replaced by the legal notices or terms clearly specified in certain webpage.

9. Disputes arising from this statement or the use of this website shall apply the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

10. Trustel Hotels & Resorts reserves the right of the interpretation of this statement and the use of this website.